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PA Shubani Il Nasek, straight egyptian, asil, Al Khamsa, Blue List (Sublist Basilisk), strain: SGIS (Ghazieh d.b., Radia-branch)

"The mare is there to maintain, the stallion is there to improve"
(Dr. H.-J. Nagel, 2005)



Shubani is our beloved foundation mare. From the day, we found her, we were thrilled by her impeccable and elegant exterior: her smooth body, her extremely high tail set and her long, well-set, swan-like neck with the free mitbah, which is so very hard to find in heavily Nazeer-bred Straight Egyptians. Shubani is an excellent mover and the span of her temper varies from the most gentle and caring mother to the hottest and most fiery lioness. She is a true Saklawia, from her damline and from her exterior to her interior, like it was reported from the original beduin mares of this strain. Until now she has outproduced herself in the breeding barn, always letting through the type of the stallion, she was mated with. Dr. Hans-Joachim Nagel from Katharinenhof stud commented about her at his legendary Open Day in 2005: "this mare is from a completely different bloodline - not related to any of the other ones - but nevertheless a very refined Arabian with a beautiful and light neck". Shubani's pedigree is a unique blend of the three icons of the breed: Imperial Madheen, Ruminaja Ali and Ansata Halim Shah, each of them world-famous for revolutionizing type and founding their own dynasties of classic beauties. Retaining Shubani's daughters, we parted with her in 2009 to give her another great chance in the fascinating land of her ancestors.