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Breeding philosophy

Ethereal Egyptian Arabians is breeding Straight Egyptian Arabians according to the definition of the Pyramid Society . The aim is to breed a purebred, spirited and functional thoroughbred horse of classical Arabian type like it has been documented independently by various artists with their countless paintings and lithographs of the 18th and 19th century:

lithographs by T. Horschelt, A., F.&E. Adam (Munich municipal museum)

As an example these lithographs show those rare specimens that deeply affected the basic aesthetical feeling of contemporary and modern beholders.

Today Arabian horse breeding has to meet a lot of requirements: preservation breeding formed by traditional oriental views, pedigree fanatism, traditional western hippological demands on how a correct horse should be to be functional for all kinds of performance, the more aesthetical and phenotypical approach of the show ring and last but not least the latest scientific findings of modern livestock breeding and genetics. Nevertheless it is necessary to breed out and preserve again and again those distinctive features of the Arabian horse which captivated enthusiasts, collectors and artists for centuries. Finally it's only these inner and outer attributes by which the Arabian horse differs from other horse breeds:

These features are an "ethereal" mixture from exoticness, fiery spirit, pride, toughness and endurance on the one hand and gentleness, beauty & harmony of shape and grace & elegance of movement on the other hand. To make it simple: Straight Egyptian Arabians are living art and breeding and preserving them after the above model is nothing less than art.

You are kindly invited to convince yourself of how this breeding philosophy is going to be realized. Just visit Ethereal Egyptian Arabians now and then - here or personally ...