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Haddiya Jamil with Dr Daniel Wigger

Daniel has always been interested in horses and grew up next to a pasture where Lotte, a warmblooded mare, was living and raising her foals year by year. Watching her was the greatest pleasure for the young boy and one of those inextinguishable childhood memories.

In 1979 at age 13, Daniel stumbled over the book "Allahs liebste Kinder" (Allah's dearest children) by the German Arabian horse expert Erika Schiele and got fascinated by the tales, myths, drawings and photos in it. Especially the photograph of Alaa El Din by Erika Schiele caught his eyes.

The wish to get to know more about and see those ethereal creatures in the flesh was born. Books and magazines were rare, but one by one filled the shelf over the bed of the boy.

The desperate parents couldn't withstand the constant terrorism of their passionate son and gradually gave in. So, whenever they drove somewhere, their son had digged out a studfarm nearby that had to be visited.

One of the first visits was in the Duisburg Zoo to see the Nazeer-son Kaisoon, a 3/4th brother to Alaa El Din and this was again a key experience for Daniel. Now he knew what type of horse he was attracted by and from then on his interest focussed on Straight Egyptians. Unfortunately only few pictures of these studvisits survived the many moves that followed, when Daniel decided to become a vet to get a step closer in realizing his dream of breeding SEs.

Here are some private photos of horses that made a lasting impression:

Hanan IFT to Ansata Halim Shah

Ansata Halim Shah at Katharinenhof from behind

Mahomed at Dömken stud

Malik at Maiworm stud

Moneef at the first EEE in Wiesbaden

Nazeerah at Dömken stud

During the many years of studying veterinary medicine in Berlin, working at his doctor's degree and as a vet at university, founding a family and raising children not much time was left for Arabian horses. Keeping them in such big city seemed to be impossible. But childhood memories never fade and after establishing a vet practice in Muenster/Wesfalia, a university town surrounded by a rural area with a lot of possibilities to keep horses, the search for a foundation mare started - two decades after the dream was born.

A unique mare, from her looks, her pedigree and her character, was found in 2001 and quickly developed to a foundation of a breeding concept AND a family member. Meanwhile the whole family is taking part in breeding decisions.

PA Shubani Il Nasek with Angela Wigger